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Brand Profile: Bare Tree Apparel

Bare Tree Apparel logo

Bare Tree Apparel, founded and operated by Saul Mandel, is currently based out of Madison, Wisconsin. Saul started printing shirts for fun about 10 years ago, but ended up with cheap and unprofessional results. Two years ago, he caught the bug again, and was tired of buying shirts that were low quality with generic images. So he started printing shirts again, and expanded further, giving them away to his friends. After two years of “research” to find out what worked best, he finally launched his online webstore around February of 2008.

Many widely available shirts are viewed as mass-produced profit makers. Bare Tree Apparel prides itself in producing a quality product that is socially and environmentally conscious. Their customers are able to purchase limited edition prints on high quality apparel, without spending a ton of money. Bare Tree Apparel also realizes the importance of giving back to the community. With every purchase, a portion of the profit or a similar apparel item, is donated.

To check out Bare Tree Apparel, visit their online webstore at: Their main website (, is currently under construction, so stay tuned.

Bare Tree Apparel shirt Bare Tree Apparel shirt
Bare Tree Apparel shirt Bare Tree Apparel shirt

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