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Site Showcase: shirt.woot!

shirt.woot! is a sister site of “woot!”, an internet retailer based in Carrollton, Texas. Woot’s tagline has always been “One Day, One Deal”, and their shirts are no exception. Everyday, a new shirt design is put up on which people can purchase for the low price of $10 each, until their stock is sold out. The process is then repeated the next day in the same fashion. Many of the shirt designs are created by established artists. However, the website also holds weekly design contests, where people have the opportunity for their own artwork to be featured and printed.

All shirts sold by “woot!” are silk-screened on American Apparel T’s at their facility in Texas, and maintain a standard of high quality, regardless of the low prices at which they are sold. “Woot!” occasionally even offers two-for-one specials on their shirts, where you can purchase two different shirt designs for $10. Call me crazy, but with a deal like that…you just can’t go wrong.

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