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Freshjive Introduces “The World’s Got Problems” Blog

Freshjive, the brand founded by Rick Klotz, has added a new dimension to their website. In keeping up with the company’s desire to complement their apparel with political and social aspects in society, the brand has introduced “The World’s Got Problems” blog, written by Jason Rosencrantz. This section of the site will focus not only on the problems of the world, but also on creative and aesthetic responses to those problems.

The articles written on “The World’s Got Problems” blog will discuss issues, such as imperialism, racism, sexism, voting mechanics, environmental degradation, torture, terrorism, etc. In addition, links will be posted which feature not only news sources, but the creative work of artists, musicians, and film makers, who use their craft to respond to these world issues. T-shirts related to similar subject matter will also be featured.

Freshjive World's Got Problems Blog

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