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Brand Profile: BunnyEgg

BunnyEgg LogoBunnyEgg is a brand founded by designers Garry Wong and Angie Tan in 2006. Originally starting out as solely advertising consultants, the two slowly shifted into the designing of apparel, and soon began producing and marketing full season lines of their clothing. BunnyEgg has stayed independent and focused throughout their journey creating apparel, and has based their design philosophy upon keeping things simple, and allowing the most important elements of design to rise to the surface in their work. They continue to study and keep up-to-date on current trends in contemporary graphic design and typography, and apply their knowledge of aesthetics and design into the apparel they create.

BunnyEgg sells a wide variety of clothing, including shirts, jackets, caps, shoes, and accessories. To find out more information on BunnyEgg and their apparel head on over to

Shown below are just a couple samples of shirts coming out in BunnyEgg’s Season 2 line for 2008. Stay tuned for more updates on it’s release.

BunnyEgg season 2 shirt BunnyEgg season 2 shirt
BunnyEgg season 2 shirt BunnyEgg season 2 shirt

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