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Brand Profile: Boshi-Basiik

Boshi-Basiik logo

Boshi-Basiik is a brand based in Dallas, TX which is now celebrating it’s 5th year running. Run by Susan, Brian, and Lan Nguyen, the company strives to bring people unique goods, influenced by Japanese and urban pop culture.

The story of Boshi-Basiik began when fifteen year old Susan Nguyen constructed a bunny hat for herself to wear. When friends began requesting hats of their own, she knew she was on to something, and started creating them for others.

Because of the special nature of Boshi-Basiik’s products, the company is focused on it’s successful line of hand-made fleece hats, created by a mother-daughter team (Lan and Susan Nguyen). Through visions of expanding her aesthetics to a full line of apparel and accessories, Susan is ready to push the company to the next level.

Check out Boshi-Basiik at:

Boshi-Basiik hat Boshi-Basiik hat
Boshi-Basiik hat and scarf Boshi-Basiik shirt

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