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Great clothing logos are powerful and persuasive but in most cases we find them diluted by their own sales success. These logos rely on a single state of appearance that is impossible to change without the brand losing its coherent qualities. This leaves us visually overdosed on tired looking logos and takes away the logo’s beauty as a pure art form.

This was one of our favourite quotes from the website.

 These are the people not ready to let go of their beloved Polo players, crocodiles, eagles and laurels.

As you would expect New Money are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Check out their site for something a little different.

New Money Clothing


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SlickSense Clothing – Unique Tees Fri, 29 Apr 2011 14:47:32 +0000 admin ClothingWire have been contacted by a new funky and vibrant NYC t-shirt label.

Less than 24 people will have the same slick sense t-shirt on,not many will never bump into someone with the same tee.there is always sales,new styles everymonth!!!

So if you fancy a unique and different style to everyone else, check out the website

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Good Conduct Latest Line Fri, 05 Nov 2010 20:25:08 +0000 admin Our friends at Good Conduct have released a new set of tees and beanies that are only available exclusively at the website

We suggest you go check them out!

]]> 0 “Off My Chest Tees” aims to be “The Boondocks” of the t-shirt world with new line of urban parody tees Sat, 11 Sep 2010 08:30:32 +0000 admin “Pop-Culture, Politics, and Parody on a Tee” is not just the tagline for the new collection of t-shirts at Off My Chest Tees-it’s the fuel behind each and every unique design. Created by Los Angeles based filmmaker, Shequeta Smith, the internet based clothing line cleverly mixes and matches politics with socially conscious urban pop-culture.

Since launching the site this past June, with just four designs, the company has pushed the envelope of creativity by adding several new designs that range from President Barack Obama posing as Tupac Shakur, to First Lady Michelle Obama donning Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

Some of the designs have been so outrageous that customers have nicknamed the company “The Boondocks” of the T-shirt world, after the wildly popular animated series on “The Cartoon Network.” This comparison is most certainly welcomed by Smith. “I can only wish that our shirts are as funny as that show is,” says Smith. “Although humor is a big part in what we do, I really just want to create t-shirts that show pride for African American culture that everyone will want to wear.“

The Off My Chest Tees collection of t-shirts are screen printed on the highest quality fashion t-shirts on the market and are made for men and women in sizes up to a 4x. T-shirts are mailed to customers inside of a custom, vintage, hard plastic lunchbox that showcases the website’s superhero mascot, Renaissance Girl.

The Off My Chest Tees line can be viewed at the company website:
About Off My Chest Tees
Off My Chest Tees was founded in 2009 by Los Angeles filmmaker, part-time superhero and North Carolina native Shequeta L. Smith. In the 10th grade, Smith had an epiphany that when she grew up she would make t-shirts with quirky designs that would make people laugh and that would ultimately make a statement. Over a decade later, this dream has become a reality with her internet based company “Off My Chest Tees.”

Sticking to her guns to “make a statement,” Smith’s new line of Tees focuses on African American pop-culture, politics, and historical references. The mission of Off My Chest Tees is to create an “everybody shirt” that celebrates African American culture and pride in a way that is also attractive to those of other ethnicities

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The Glory of the Graphic Tee Thu, 19 Aug 2010 11:59:46 +0000 admin Fashion speaks volumes- and not only when the graphic tee you’re wearing literally has words emblazoned on it. The clothes you choose are a statement and express a facet of your identity to the world before you open your mouth and speak for yourself.

A lot can be expressed by your clothing choices (example: choosing to wear a tennis sweater draped across your shoulders tells the world that you are either on the way to the country club or just leaving it, while wearing denim overalls tells that you are either on your way to milk the cows or have just finished plowing the fields). Over the years, through the development of new forms of technology, anthropological reviews of past civilizations and advances in the field of science, a decisive and significant conclusion has been drawn: tee shirts are effective ways of displaying your personality.

It’s one of the most simple and effective mediums of fashion used to express what’s going on in the deepest recesses of your mind. Tee shirts are the way that people express their cultural capital. The person wearing a Star Wars tee, or a Velvet Underground band tee is wearing it for two reasons: partially because they like these things, and partially cause they want the world to know that they like these things.

Expressing your cultural capital, or demonstrating how awesome you are for appreciating certain things, is half the appeal of graphic tees. If this weren’t the case, people would happily watch Star Wars and listen to their favorite indie bands in private, while wearing basic tees out in public.

Wearing these graphic tees by Scott Free allow you to act in the same respect. Wearing a t-shirt of Johnny Cash pulling the finger to the world shows your badass, and that you have exceptional cultural capital by liking Johnny Cash. You’re then compared to the other people wearing their plain and simple V-necks, who very well might love listening to Miley Cyrus for all you know since their T-shirt provides no indication of their own cultural capital.

As you wear your Marilyn Monroe graphic tee, or your Andy Warhol-inspired Elvis one, you’re once again showing the world the extent of your pop-culture knowledge and of your culture. You’re making a bold statement that sets you apart from the others around you and marks you as an individual- until someone else walks by wearing the same tee, that is.

Your graphic tees demonstrate your culture and personality. Who knew simple, printed fabric could have so much to say?

Click here to visit for more products by Scott Free, or by other premium T-shirt brands.

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Reluxe NYC Tank Tops Wed, 18 Aug 2010 11:34:01 +0000 admin We decided we could not leave summer without dropping at least one piece and it would be perfect for the end of summer to release a nice tank top, with great design and quality.  And what better way to do it then to keep the NY lurkers movement going strong.  The tanks come in just three colors, heather blend, white, and black blend.  All with a printed tag, and canvas stitched label on the bottom.

They are extremely limited in quantity, all orders must be put in ASAP to ensure your own.  Beat the heat with our late summer drop, and prepare yourself for or fall line  // // more coming shortly.

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Atslopes Tshirt Range Tue, 10 Aug 2010 12:24:55 +0000 admin Hey Guys,

Atslopes launches new t-shirt line. In less than 2 days Ive sold over 25 tees online & offline, with brooklyn brawlers and MR-Tshirt being the most popular. The shirts are getting a tremendous buzz via twitter and various other blogs and social media outlets. These are the best products of 2010! bigcartel:

Brooklyn Brawlers Tee

Cat & Mouse Tee




All the best!

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Obey Summer Deals Sat, 12 Jun 2010 13:29:31 +0000 admin

The May Day shirts from Shepard’s opening at Deitch Projects are finally available online exclusively on the OBEY Clothing website. These shirts are printed on our soft hand thrift blanks and feature one of the American Flags from the show with the date of the opening. Also available are exclusive shirts from the OBEY Pop-Up shop in New York. These are all limited stock so grab one before they’re gone for good

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Johns Warriors Of Radness Fri, 04 Jun 2010 13:43:13 +0000 admin

Introducing a collaboration collection from Warriors of Radness and John’s called, appropriately, John’s WOR. For this proejct, we’ve put together pieces influenced by the subtle earth tones and surf flavor of the 1970s, in style with the vibe of John’s store out in Japan. Highlight items are subtle 2 tone corduroy shorts, hand drawn ethnic print in both a t-shirt and walk short, and 2 t-shirt designs.

All items are manufactured right here in Los Angeles. They are only available in Japan at John’s and associated shops, but can be found here in the USA exclusively at Reserve in Los Angeles.

collections can be veiwed at the site –

John’s Clothing was open in 1986 in Japan and has focused on 70s American style from native Indian and western to military and workwear to surf.

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Warriors Of Radness 2010 Wed, 19 May 2010 08:35:28 +0000 admin

The 3rd delivery of Warriors of Radness’ Spring 2010 line is now available at select shops worldwide. Opening Ceremony Los Angeles and New York, Reserve, American Rag, Thalia Surf Shop, Fred Segal, Blue Bee, Beams in Japan, and others. You can also shop Warriors Of Radness through our online shop here.

View the full collection on the Warriors Of Radness website here. Our buddy Moses Berkson photographed the guys from Gantez Warrior for this collection. Gantez Warrior consists of 3 extremely talented 18 year old surfers from Costa Mesa. They’ve also been in the recording studio working on a record to be coming out this year on WOR records. Designed out of Los Angeles, California, Warriors of Radness (WOR) embodies a stylistic point-of-view that is unique to a surf-city lifestyle.

WOR’s philosophical spirit is rooted in an unwavering, imaginative idea that modern beach style should be as diverse and creative as the fun-loving individuals who wear it.

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