» Contests Connecting Clothing Brands With Apparel Enthusiasts Mon, 28 Oct 2013 11:07:46 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Springleap latest winner Thu, 27 May 2010 12:06:41 +0000 admin Springleap’s winning design for our “What you Got?” competition is “All we are is energy” by sebasebi. For this competition designers were asked to show Springleap their creativity on their own terms. Springleap wanted to put innovation to the test, challenging the designers to show what lurked beyond their imagination and to ultimately BRING IT!

Popular demand brought about the decision to introduce an open theme competition. Moving away from Springleap’s regular themed competitions, they hoped to spark more creativity from their designers in this competition. And that is exactly what they got! The response was amazing, the proof lying in the “out of this world” winning design. The Argentinean designer, sebasebi, had this to say about his design: “ …we are all beings of energy….that common energy…. is never destroyed…. it is merely transferred from one thing to the next…” His design was very well-received by the community, making him a clear winner for the “What you Got?” competition.

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Springleap Announce Winner Tue, 04 May 2010 09:38:51 +0000 admin

Springleap’s latest winner has just been announced. The wining design for the Justice League themed competition is ‘Rabobi Rabobi’ by WolFox. For the Justice League competition, Springleap asked it’s community for their interpretation of the Justice League translated into a funky t-shirt design that everyone out there would love to wear. Designers were asked to use the core members of the Justice League as inspiration. Through a design, Springleap wanted designers to show who they identified with. What they got was a design inspired by Rabobi- the South African version of Spiderman- as he is represented in an alternate reality, and what he symbolises in ours. Rabobi is seSotho: ‘Ra’ means ‘mister’ or ‘man’ and ‘Bobi’ means ‘webs’ ie. ‘Mister Webs’.

This design was the clear winner in the competition. It harks back to times past and allows us to reminisce, and flaunt our own inner superhero. Well done to WolFox. I’m sure this T-shirt will be a bestseller. WolFox lends this quote to his design:  Rabobi ba ya gona Dr. Octopus left right iGreen Goblin uppercut KO one time”

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Typoshirt Looking For Entries Wed, 17 Feb 2010 14:54:45 +0000 admin  
TypoShirt One is about typography on T-shirts. It is definitely not the first publication that deals with the topic of T-shirts, but it’s the first one that focuses exclusively on the typography phenomenon in T-shirt culture. Only shirt motifs created explicitly with typographic means shall be presented in this publication. There are no fees, it’s totally cost free!
We would like to invite everybody to contribute to the book TypoShirt One, the typography T-shirt compendium. The book will be published at Index Books in 2010.
We invite everybody to submit their own projects for this publication, bringing together typographic designs of T-shirts from all over the world, showing quotes, sentences, words, letters and numbers or any other typographic pieces of work.
Participation or having work selected for TypoShirt One is totally cost free on your part. Also, if your work is selected, you’ll get a free copyof the book.
Deadline to enter your submissions is 19th of March 2010.
Please check our website. At  you’ll find all participation requirements.
]]> 1 Bi-Weekly Winner Thu, 27 Aug 2009 22:47:04 +0000 admin‘s latest bi-weekly competition winner is Jott with his funky t-shirt design “My Friends”. Jott is from Germany and has his own BlogSpot which features all his cool designs. Here is the story behind his winning design:

“Me, my friends and I like to party will we start seeing little swirly things floating around our heads! Woo Yeah…It’s always more fun with your team of blue and yellow squishy friends around. Who needs lights when you’ve got those bright ‘fellas to bring color to life!?”

The t-shirt can be purchased at for $19. Bi-Weekly Winner "My Friends" tee

]]> 0 Bi-Weekly Winner + Pure Imagination Update Tue, 18 Aug 2009 17:18:54 +0000 admin‘s latest bi-weekly competition winner is Suburbanhijinx, a talented artist from USA, with his mind-blowing t-shirt design “Please Stand by for Total Planetary Destruction.” This design is inspired by reality TV and Fallout 3 and represents the broadcast of the apocalypse in CMYK of course! The designer loves using suited figures with TVs and radios as heads, and thinks the end of the world will be decided by a suited person of authority!

A few words from the designer:

“I design to escape the monotony of urban life! Each design packs its own story to tell, and I leave it up to the consumer to find their own meaning from it. If you look deep enough into the designs, you can see that most carry some sort of subliminal social message…or just look really freakin sweet! (at least to me!)”

The tee can be purchased here. tee "Please Stand by for Total Planetary Destruction"

Secondly,’s teen bursary competition, “Pure Imagination”, has finally ended. Secondary school students had the chance of entering a design in teams of two, one to market the design and the other to create it, in the hope of winning two 3-year bursaries to the prestigious AAA School of Advertising. Our lucky winners are Amber Myers (designer) and Liam Kelly (marketer) from Westerford High School in Cape Town. They received the most votes in the competition for Amber’s design “Cock Market: Foul Play on Wall Street”. Pure Imagination Winners pics

]]> 0 Bi-Weekly Tee Competition Winner Mon, 03 Aug 2009 17:40:21 +0000 admin “Cash” from Brazil is the latest bi-weekly competition winner with his tranquil t-shirt design “Spring Bottle.”

The story of the design says “…while the snow covered the hills and everything seemed white and dull, quietly came a man with a smile upon his face. He slowly opened this small bottle without leaving his friendly bull – looked up, down, left, right and said – let the spring reign in this place!…”

The new tee can be purchased in a variety of sizes at Springleap’s website. Bi-Weekly Tee Competition Winner "Spring Bottle"

]]> 0 Bi-Weekly Tee Competition Winner Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:20:31 +0000 admin The winner of‘s bi-weekly t-shirt competition is Cmatos, a brilliant designer from Brazil with her magical tee design “Against the Wave” which seems to capture the moment of the perfect wave.

The design is described as “Man against the power of nature. The power of nature within the man. When next I have seen the sea, will the sea have seen me, he pondered” and encapsulates a similar style to the classic Japanese Great Wave painting. Bi-Weekly Tee Competition Winner - Against the Wave

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Grape Juice Records’ Tee Design Contest – Pick Your Favorite! Mon, 27 Jul 2009 20:20:01 +0000 admin Grape Juice Records' Tee Design Contest

Grape Juice Records is partnering with and YOU to design the best t-shirt in the history of the universe for Grape Juice Record’s 5th Anniversary! received 16 stellar designs during the first month of the contest, and now its up to the fans to pick their favorite. Vote between now and August 17th on The fans’ favorite design will be unveiled LIVE on stage at the Grape Juice Records 5th Anniversary Party on September 3rd at the Double Door in Chicago, IL.

Vote here today!

Here is a preview of the designs you can vote for:

Grape Juice Records' Tee Design Contest submissions

]]> 0’s Pure Imagination Competition Mon, 20 Jul 2009 19:46:03 +0000 admin's Pure Imagination Competition

Heads up guys and girls:‘s Pure Imagination design and marketing competitions voting for the Pro-life T-shirt design winner has started.

You can help two South African highschool learners have an opportunity to win bursaries worth R250 000 to AAA School ofAdvertising. Who wins is entirely up to you and all the t-shirt design lovers out there. Vote for your best ‘Pro-life’ tee designs at:

The mind-blowing array of Pro-Life t-shirt designs portrays the talent of Cape Town and Johannesburg, and the winners of the competition will be announced August 13, 2009. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite Pro-life t-shirt designs today!

Here is a small sample of some tee designs that have already been submitted and ready to be voted on:'s Pure Imagination Competition tee's Pure Imagination Competition tee's Pure Imagination Competition tee's Pure Imagination Competition tee
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Official’s Johnny Clash-Up Design Contest Wed, 15 Jul 2009 01:08:06 +0000 admin Official's Johnny Clash-Up Design Contest

Until the end of July, Official will be running a contest inviting you to use any imagery from their website/blog and mash it up, flip it, re-interpret it, integrate it with other imagery, or just simply clash it up and submit it.

All entries will immediately receive a 20% discount code. A winner will be chosen August 3rd and that person will win the choice of 6 free items from the Official Online Store (fitteds, five panel campers, snap backs, beanies, cut & sew tees). Official will be looking for creativity, inventiveness, thoughtfulness, and humor among other elements during judging. The winner’s image will also be featured on the Official blog with credits.

Some of the company’s most memorable images for their own branding have utilized this DIY mash-up method and so they are pleased to include you and anxious to see what their community of supporters can create. No matter what, all entries are getting a 20% discount code and notable images will be getting some blog love with name credits.

Entries can be submitted by email:

Official Website/Online store:

Official Blog:

Images should be no larger than 72 dpi and 600 x 600 pixels.

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