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Brand Profile: Pandy Cane

Pandy Cane logo

Pandy Cane was founded by Tom Bennett in Summer ’07, and is currently based in the U.K. Originally, the idea for the brand spawned in downtown Chicago, USA, when Tom was standing in a supermarket admiring the huge amounts of candy they had to offer. At the time, he was also trying to locate the nearest Panda Express. And so, w/ an amusing mix-up of words in the brain, “panda” and “cane” gave birth to Pandy Cane.

Since that time, Tom has been working with various artists and bands to create unique designs, and promote them with any resources available. With a fairly niche product line, the company is primarily based around the love of cuddly bears and sweets (which most people tend to love).

Pandy Cane is always striving to evolve to the next level, and will soon be making a move to American Apparel, as well as the utilization of custom tags. The packaging is also neat – all shirts currently are sent out in pizza boxes containing loads of free stuff, including cd’s, badges, stickers, posters, and of course sweets.

Pandy Cane’s designs are influenced by pop culture, vinyl art (kid robot, etc.) and other leading brands such as Johnny Cupcakes. The company strives to create a positive emotional attachment with all their customers, and aims to give you “more than just a shirt”.

For more information on Pandy Cane, visit their webstore, myspace, facebook, twitter, and youtube.

Pandy Cane Line Sheet

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