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Brand Profile: Five Locs

Five Locs is a small urban clothing company that was formed by Amon-Re Crosby and Jeramon Crosby in 2009. The company produces clothing for the urban trendsetter worldwide, and lives by these three main standards: originality, detail, and quality.

“Our target market is extremely diverse – from the die-hard skateboarder, to the truly old “skool” b-boy or girl and to the alternative hip hopper and neo-soul individual.

Our logo is a defiant symbol of five-dred locs, each representing one of the following: knowledge, creativity, individuality, determination, and wisdom.

Our goal is to make the statement that ‘through individual expression and style and being true to oneself, one becomes a trendsetter and impacts not only their community, but also the world.’ Originality is our number one priority”

The future holds exciting things for Five Locs. Currently they are working on a new tee-shirt design series that pays tribute to the greats of soulful music and hip-hop. This new line of design has already received rave reviews from local clothing designers and many in the urban market.

For more information, visit the Five Locs website at:

Five Locs line sheet Five Locs line sheet

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