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Fuzzy Ink has released another bag of goodies for the ghoulish holidays. In honor of Halloween, the brand has slashed the prices on their original Series One tees. For the time being, you can scoop up any of the 6 inaugural designs for the frightening price of $9.95. As usual, the shirts will come with additional keepsakes, as well as some new tidbits of lovely-ness.

Fuzzy Ink Sale

Additionally, Fuzzy Ink is excited to showoff the newest of their products: 3 adjustable canvas belts. These bad boys are 44″ in length (1 1/4″ wide) and sport some new and old faces on brilliantly crafted chrome buckles. Invest in a Fuzzy Ink hip-hugger and avoid those pesky indecent exposure tickets.

Fuzzy Ink Belts

With the crisp autumn air dancing into town, Fuzzy Ink is also delighted to showcase their alternative to hibernation…the Striking Zip-Up Jacket. The garment presents the same modern design of the Striking tee, but provides the necessary warmth for late-night canoodling with that special man or lady friend =)

Fuzzy Ink Jacket

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