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Brand Profile: Dyemond Apparel

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Dyemond Apparel is owned and operated by Ashley Brackins, who founded the company in October of 2007. Based out of Reseda, California, the brand provides the public with fun, eye-catching products that are produced with true quality in mind. All designs are available in limited quantities, because Dyemond Apparel believes that mass production takes the fun out of clothing. Therefore, some products are extremely limited with only 15 being produced, while others are more generous with 50-100 being produced. Either way, the company wants to make you feel special, and part of an “exclusive club”, not as part of a mass-produced assembly.

Dyemond Apparel draws inspiration from California’s urban street culture, which has evolved immensely over the years. They incorporate a myriad of art and fashion genres to create the unique and flashy style, of today’s youth and young-adult culture. From 80’s punk, pop culture icons/art, to the rebellious throng of the music industry’s hip hop moguls, tycoons, and rock stars…Dyemond Apparel is influenced by it all, and produces apparel which reflects it.

The brand’s line so far includes shirts, custom vans shoes, and bags, however they recently headed in a new direction and are preparing to release their summer/fall line. So stay tuned! To view Dyemond Apparel’s apparel currently available for purchase, visit their online webstore at:

You can also visit their myspace at:

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